We live in a time where every purchase should be considered. Where quality should supersede quantity. A time where we all need to take a more responsible and thoughtful approach to the consumption of fashion and our children's wardrobes.

We are aware of the impact our current lifestyles have on the planet. We at koa. recognise the responsibility to understand the social and environmental impacts of our brand for the better of all communities involved. From working conditions in the supply chain and community issues that concern our people and customers, to the environmental impacts of our packaging.



At koa. we value people and know they are our greatest asset, which means we believe in equal opportunity and basic rights to fair and safe working environments for all.

Our garments are made with love by our talented friends in China who are committed to producing the best quality clothing possible for koa. We’re partnered with a small team of makers that share the same values as us. This means looking after their employees, their community and their planet as a whole. Everything they make is crafted by hand, no large scale production techniques are used and our fabric is made to order, meaning we aren’t using bulk amounts of fabric that result in wastage and excess. Any off-cuts of our fabric are repurposed into packaging within the factory.

The ultimate dream for the near future is to be able to produce most of our garments from our own home here in Australia.

Watch this space.



We are aiming for a waste free online shopping experience by using compostable corn starch mailing satchels by The Better Packaging Co. and recyclable tissue paper, thank you cards and stickers.

comPOST Packs are made from totally biodegradable and compostable materials; corn starch, PLA (synthesised from corn) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). PLA (Polylactide) is a bio-based, biodegradable material made from renewable plant material (starches such as corn husks, rice straw and wheat straw). The most sustainable option for end users once finished with a comPOST Pack is to put it in with their food scraps and garden waste. They will break down within months* in a compost environment in a non-toxic process.

The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certifies that the paper products that make up our printed tissue paper and stickers are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably. Our personalised tissue paper and stickers are printed from soy-based inks and made from cellulose fibre where the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. It is also lignin- and sulfur-free, meaning that our ink won’t transfer from the tissue and the paper won’t leave behind any of these chemicals when decomposing.